36 hours of yoga, jamming, & vegan food trucks

Close your eyes and inhale the crisp mountain air of Floyd, Virginia. Exhale. Now open your eyes to a renewed sense of being and strength. This is Floyd Yoga Jam: a music, yoga, and arts festival nestled in a valley of lush greenery and celebrated by joyous spirits seeking a rejuvenating weekend escape. Yogis of all ages from across the United States have come together since 2011 to spend a blissful three days challenging their practice and trying new asanas. Endless laughter, chants of “Aum”, and sensual rhythms await your ears while savory flavors from colorful food trucks are prepared to tantalize your tastebuds. As interactive as it is entertaining, nightly performances by artists such as Nahko and Medicine for the People, MC Yogi, and DJ Drez set the soundtrack to the visual smorgasbord of talented performances of fire dancers and the Montreal AcroYogis. Let your soul, mind, and body be invigorated as you take the plunge into pure nirvana and let your freak flag fly.


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A drive through the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia set the stage for the bliss that awaits. As you cruise down the highways that curve around the countryside, you’ll find yourself further buried away from everyday hustle and bustle. Roll down your windows and watch the September afternoon sunshine hover and peek every so often through the shade of the trees. Cue some classic rock or even the meditative hip-hop beats of MC Yogi to get you in the mood for a weekend full of yoga, mantra-chanting, and dancing. It’s only an hour-and-a-half picturesque drive from Winston-Salem.

Open 24/7| Indian Valley Road | Willis, VA

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If it isn’t an imminent storm that’s growling from the sky, it’s your stomach. With many a food tent from which to choose, the options are endless. Each meal is made in full view with only the freshest local ingredients. If you’re craving flavors from the far East, head to Thai This for a mouthwatering plate of pad Thai, or to Greenlight Café for a spicy Thai peanut tempeh wrap. If a coconut mango smoothie and colorful bowl of quinoa, avocado, and fresh vegetables are more up to speed, the Goatacado stand boasts multiple options that are each vegan and gluten free. As a festival that supports a healthy body, soul, and mind, justice is also served alongside non-GMO food.

Times Vary | BlissLand Food Tents

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Head to the main stage of JamLand field and cure your ears with the seductive beats of Nahko and Medicine for the People. As entertaining as it is educational, Nahko Bear and his band seek to stimulate global-awareness and cultivate a healing force through their music. Their percussion-heavy sound will resonate with fans of Moon Taxi, Pepper, and Slightly Stoopid, while the poetic lyricism will speak volumes to the audience that is invited to dance at the base of the stage during each track. A technicolor conglomeration of lights further create a visually spectacular performance.

JamLand | Main Stage


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Find your center and set your intention for the day on your own at the Om Meditation corner. Secluded from the buzzing energy of the yoga workshops in BlissLand, it is the perfect quiet place to clear your mind and concentrate while lying in savasana or seated in lotus. The creek that traces one corner of the arena and the cool breezes drifting through the trees create a tranquil ambience that is sure to help you find your own inner nirvana before trying your hand at an AcroYoga or a The Lion’s Roar Jivamukti class. Before you return to BlissLand, be sure to take a gander at the handcrafted rice mandala that serves as a centerfold art spectacle.

Open 24 Hours | Om Meditation in BlissLand

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Initiate yourself into MC Yogi & DJ Drez’s YogaTribe yoga workshop class in the lotus petal shaped Brahma Nirvana tent. Inspired by the sounds of hip-hop cult classic A Tribe Called Quest, DJ Drez scratches his turntables as MC Yogi waxes poetic live to bring out the best in each member of the tribe through personal anecdotes. Highlights include the group tree pose as well as the rhythmic, inspirational stories from MC Yogi’s recent pilgrimage. Arrive early to grab a spot in the shade and cure your “truth decay with some mental floss.”

2:30 PM | Brahma Nirvana Tent in BlissLand

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Summers in Virginia can be brutally hot. Pack along sunscreen and invest in a hammock. Hang it along the trees by the creek and you’ll forget about the sweltering 90-degree heat. It’s a wonderful way to relax, as well as to meet a new friendly face and enjoy the lush scenery and cool breezes that surround you. If you forgot a hammock, one of the shop stands sells locally-crafted ones to create a nap-worthy swing.

Open 24 Hours | Any tree along the creek

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Floyd YogaJam showcases a variety of local talents, particularly through its food and drink tents. Buffalo Mountain Kombucha is Floyd’s first kombuchery and offers two refreshing flavors: hibiscus pomegranate and ginger fizz. Kombucha is a tea beverage that boasts a plentiful supply of probiotics that provide healing benefits and is great for rejuvenating your muscles after a long day of yoga workshops and slacklining. The crisp carbonated flavors will tickle your senses and complement the cool, evening atmosphere.

Hours Vary | Buffalo Mountain Kombucha Tent in BlissLand

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The JamLand arena is an open forum for dancing as freely as possible. From the lively folk melodies of the Ragbirds to the electrifying neon light display of MC Yogi’s experimental mantra-studded hip-hop, it’s almost impossible to sit down. As the sun has set, dancing with your fellow yogis in the cool atmosphere around you is a great way to keep warm during the evening performances. You’ll be surrounded by fire dancers and aerial silk acrobats. Other notable acts include the Deer Run Drifters, Dave Stringer, and Spoon Fight.

Evenings from 6:00 PM and to Midnight | JamLand


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Floyd YogaJam provides many opportunities to try something new and exciting. Head to SlackLine Park in JamLand to try your hand at the growingly popular art of slacklining. You’ll learn how to synchronize breath control with balance while simultaneously deepening your yoga practice. Don’t let the idea of attempting an arm balance pose on a 1-inch thick cord intimidate you. Hop into a Slackasana class and you may surprise yourself with a newfound sense of empowerment and balance.

Times Vary | JamLand SlackLine Park

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Continue the energy flow with a piping hot cup of Red Rooster Coffee Roaster coffee. Brewed locally in Floyd’s downtown area, the company seeks to serve customers nothing but the freshest organic roasts. Delicious black or with a hint of milk or flavoring, each sip is sure to invigorate and energize your senses before you delve into a prana-focused yoga workshop. Take a bag of the Funky Chicken or Farmhouse blend home with you as a delicious souvenir.

Times Vary | Red Rooster Coffee Roaster Tent in BlissLand