a spoonful of culture

The truth is, I’m always hungry.

Hungry for empathy, hungry for change, hungry for an intersectional dialogue that respects various cultures. My stomach is growling for public communication that disregards systems of oppression and is rich with the recognition of privilege.

Coming from an eclectic mix of Jordanian and Hungarian roots, I have a passion for culture and learning about people and their traditions. From Kolkata to Rome and places in between, I have acquired an appetite for connecting with people and finding the most effective means of communication. It has taught me to recognize privilege, both within myself and within others, and to notice oppression and the ways systematic oppression is further reinforced in the media.

Learning about these similarities, differences, struggles, and passions can open windows to cross-cultural communication. Empathy and travel can also teach you how to encompass respect with each action, thus creating a more inclusive environment, engaging more people, and making a larger impact.


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