(almost) taken

Traipsing through cobblestone streets and beholding ancient delights left, right, and center can be overwhelming.

There is simply so much to do and see in Rome that my friends and I are draining our memory cards with the photos we’ve snapped every chance we’ve gotten while on the hunt for blog-worthy meat. We also find ourselves staying up until all hours of the night to discover all the hip and modern aspects in Trastevere, despite an early start for class. Sore feet and caffeine deprivation aside, we’re exhausted.

New story ideas constantly pop into our minds and today, we desperately needed a place to just sit, people watch, and collect our thoughts in our personal journals. Sipping on caffé freddi in an internet-friendly café, five of us blogged and journaled even beyond the pangs of carpal tunnel.


The café provided a stimulating ambience.

Consistent with the notorious flirtatiousness and charm of Italian waiters, ours relentlessly teased us for having “so much technology” every fifteen minutes or so. He then finally came to an ultimatum, complete with a wink: “Okay, emergency escape plan: leave me your Facebook, Twitter, and e-mails.”

Amused by his pleasantries, we just laughed along with it. Every time he came to our table, he’d mimic our typing fingers and have some new comment to say about our journalistic introvert antics.

We genuinely perceived his advances as just another ruse, until after il conto came. As we left to return to our apartments, he told us with a sly grin, “Why you no leave me Facebook and e-mail?” We giggled. He persisted, “You know… like movie Taken? I will find you!”

This city may be a little more difficult for Neeson to tackle. SOS to Rome.

This city may be a little more difficult for Neeson to tackle. SOS to Rome.

All I could think was, “Are you there, Liam Neeson? It’s me, Ashley.”


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