rome, day 1: top 20 sights, smells, and sounds

Ciao tutti! Today marked the first official “day” in Rome, sans jet-lag, and needless to say it was incredible. Here are my twenty:


It’s fair to say that every street in Rome has some photo-op moment because the walls are all beautifully decorated in some way, shape, or form.


Because a trip to Rome would be incomplete without a slice of pizza on the go.


Our classroom’s window view versus your classroom’s: that’s amoré (and that’s also the Pantheon).


A close-up of the gargoyled fountain and obelisk in front of the Pantheon.


The sky provided a perfect contrasting backdrop.


Around every corner is an artistic wonder waiting to be beheld.


When in Rome, you’ve gotta get the granita– caffé granita con panna, that is. Trust me on that one.


Charming with its Old World flair, Rome is truly a city that doesn’t cease to impress.


It would be an absolute travesty to miss the Trevi fountain, day or night. (Ed. note: A post will come soon with footage from the Trevi en la notte).


Every edifice is an astounding marvel, rich with detail and monumental presence.


Gelato in a technicolor collection of 150 flavors is what sweet dreams are made of.


Even newer monuments, such as this one in the Piazza de Venizia, truly establish Rome as the eternal city.


Ancient Roman ruins also transport travelers to another universe and still stand strong.


Crossing the bridge between rustic and colorful Trastevere and the Pantheon neighborhood is a wondrous sight to behold and highlights the vastness of the city.


In addition to the sun-soaked perfection of 70 degree summer weather, Trastevere is lined with hydrangeas of extraordinarily rich hues.


Roman cuisine did not fail to impress my tastebuds, particularly this seasoned scampi.


Back in Trastevere, the old-world charm and new-world grit combine to make for a colorful community.


In addition to looking left and right, also look up once and a while– structures in Rome are not only colossal in size but also in detail; the color playing a complementary contrast with the cerulean sky.


A man teaching his young daughter to ride a bike? Something about Romans is just quintessential and full of joie de vivre.


After an incredible first day full of treasures, both cherished and hidden, I can’t wait to see what else is in store for this upcoming month.

Until then, Arrivederci!


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