Rome: a seafood buffet of endless possibilities

After the first 24 hours in Rome, I’ve decided that the beloved eternal city is the new “city that never sleeps.”

Abundant with energy from morning to the wee hours of dawn, Rome is endlessly abuzz with life and a certain je ne sais quoi that cannot be completely replicated elsewhere. It is constantly surprising and exciting, each via or piazza unfolding into a new twist and turn that leads to a hidden treasure. The walls of every edifice seem washed in a sunset palette that both complements and contrasts the pale blue sky.

It seems indeed that the buildings, too, are alive with the sound of angels, as the incredible movement and detail of the heavenly statues lining their walls elevate them in a most profound way. They appear more colossal, more powerful.


As it opens directly to a picturesque Pantheon piazza, our classroom’s window even seems to say to us, “Welcome to Rome.” Photo by Ashley Hamati.

The flavors of Roman cuisine dance on my tongue, and the charismatic waiters pack a further punch to the experience. They’re unfailingly genuine and, in true Italian fashion, welcome anyone as a cherished member of their family. No matter the age, whether they’re taking their first steps or slowly shuffling arm-in-arm, the people exuberate eternality congruent with the eponymous city. They’re warm, playful, and friendly. Their personal interactions, whether old or new, are more heartfelt and intimate, and full of life.

The sky, too, plays into Rome’s immortality, as it only seems to begin to faintly turn purple at 8:30 p.m.— before the typical Roman has even pondered dinner. Cars ceaselessly whiz by even further into the night and lull me to sleep with the cool summer breeze that infiltrates my window.

The legacy of the famous Fontana de Trevi is kept alive by the endless influx of travelers waiting to crack open the oyster that is Rome. Photo by Ashley Hamati.

Rome is a city for those who wander and enjoy getting lost. Often times in other cities, losing oneself can cause repercussions. However, here, every inch of the city is a new adventure waiting to be discovered. In the words of John Lennon, “Not all who wander are lost.”


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