20 kooky things about me you probably wouldn’t be able to guess from backstalking my facebook page


In lieu of hitting the double-decade mark (and dun dun dunnn, nearing the quarter-life crisis) in T-minus one day, I decided to craft a compilation of twenty weird facts about myself that, as the title suggests, you probably wouldn’t be able to guess from back stalking my Facebook page.

1-    I’m pretty good at doing accents. From watching episodes as a youth of Mind Your Language and Russell Peters on YouTube to growing up with foreign parents and a grandmother straight off the boat of Hungary, you get into it. To me, it adds pizzazz (and a little humor and depth) to a story.

2-    I keep a notebook in my purse with me at all times that is entitled “Brilliant Ideas.” I often get random ideas that pop into my head and I get so frustrated if I forget them later on, so I have that notebook to write them down just in case. Plus, if it were to, say, ever get lost or taken, not to worry- someone will at least (hopefully) reap some inspiration out of it. If not, bitch, my address is on the cover slip. Kthnx bye.


3-    I am absolutely terrified of mirrors. Don’t get me wrong, I often catch myself standing in front of them for what seems like hours every morning when I try to get ready and look halfway presentable, and yeah, I succumb to the deadly sin of vanity when I pass by windows or anything relatively reflective so I can see how I look, but there is something about washing my face at nighttime that freaks the shit out of me whenever a mirror is involved. Maybe I’ve just been watching too much Criminal Minds, lately. That’ll do it.


4-    I’m a huge foodie and a complete libertine when it comes to trying new things (Editor’s note: I enjoy food that almost sets my mouth on fire. Yes, I’m that girl who gets seriously judged by waiters at Thai and Indian restaurants for requesting the spiciest level for my entrées), but the one food I WILL NOT DO is eggs. I don’t know what it is about them. Ever since I was young I was never a huge huge fan, and then one negative experience from first grade sealed the deal. So you can imagine my superficial (Ed. note: I use them in baking, obviously, but when the taste is clearly present or intended, NO thank you) rejoicing at the egg alternatives in baking (ahem, avocado! Please & thank you, Pinterest).

5-    I’m an ENFJ, or at least I’m definitely an Extraverted type personality, but sometimes nothing pleases me more than being a lazy bum, sprawled out on the couch like a dog waiting for a belly rub, a mug of coffee beside me, my grandmother at the chaise to my right, and Jerry Springer blaring from the TV.


6-    I’m a sucker for old movies. Sometimes I just get in these random moods in which all I want to do is sit and watch Gone With the Wind or any of Audrey Hepburn’s finest works for hours on end with a glass of wine and my mom by my side. (Ed. note: further emphasizing that maybe I’m more of an introvert than I thought—then again, I only had moderate preference over introversion, so there’s that.)

7-    I adore philosophical conversations and liken myself to the hookah-smoaking caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland in the sense that every time I tap into my Arab culture, an extremely in-depth mind-exercising conversation twists off of my tongue like I was Plato or something. Note to all future bachelors: if you can keep my Gemini-sun-sign-dominated self mentally stimulated via conversation, please let me love you.


8-    I can bake some fantastic brownies. I don’t know what it is about them, but I’ve got this peculiar knack for making a perfect batch of brownies every damn time. While I can whip up a mean Hawaiian wedding cake, cupcake, or crème brulee, those did not render me the “brownie master” for nine years now and counting.

9-    I can’t really count the amount of times I’ve sprained my ankle, but I will tell you this: I’ve never (knock on wood) broken a single bone in my life. Ironically, I’m perhaps the world’s biggest klutz. I’ve tripped over my own foot on the track and then consequently did this front-flip-somersault-James-Bond-barrel-ninja-roll and continued running. I’ve also completely disregarded four sets of stairs on multiple occasions (Ed. note: and I didn’t even break my glass water bottle. Ten points for Whole Foods) but no broken bones.


10-    Some people score the music in films. I tend to do that, in my head, on a pretty regular basis. Or, for a better example, I frequently catch myself scoring moments of my life with certain songs.

11-    That being said, I download a ridiculous amount of music and tend to get a little too excited upon discovering that someone else has similar taste…or different because then they’ll give me new finds. There’s something about going to a damn good concert, yeah. But there’s also something to be said about going to a damn good concert with damn good people who damn well share the same damn thoughts and feelings as you.

12-    I love to run. It’s weird because for starters it’s horrendously bad for you (Knees? Shins? Feet? TOENAILS?!), us runners complain about it all the time (either before, after, or during…or hell, all three), it can be expensive (trips to Whole Foods and new running shoes every couple-hundred miles or so), and if we find someone else who loves running, we won’t shut up about it. I’ve been told I talk about running too much, and I do. But hey—you talk about things you’re passionate about, and I’ll never forget my college application process from hell of applying to 14 different prestigious universities. One of the questions (Ed. note: that, sorry WFU—I recycled this answer for your application, too) was, “Between living & dreaming there is a third thing—guess it.” I wrote about running. You’ve seen Forrest Gump, I presume. That sums it up. (Also, just kidding, you could probably get this from my Facebook page…)


13-    I am painfully observant. So observant to a point that I can remember precise details, down to the color of the sky, when browsing through the files of my memory to tell a story, or constantly playing Devil’s Advocate. I guess that’s why they call it visual learning.

14-    Despite this profound observance, I’ve still got the nicknames “Head-in-Clouds Hamati” and “Raven” for my “visions”, or literal periods of zoning out. “Earth to Ashley” is a message that has been the bane of my existence. I guess I daydream a little too often? Perks of being a double air sign.


15-   Speak of the devil. Signs. As in astrological signs. I have a secret passion for birth charts and finding out what makes people tick. My best friend from home and I are both obsessed and we often find ourselves saying things like, “Ah! He’s a Libra…that explains so much,” or “Ooh, a Scorpio—how interesting.” Birth charts are the very fingerprints of people: each of us are unique, yes? Each aspect of our personality has an astrological sign (IE “Moon in Aquarius” or “Venus in Aries”) but to different degrees in each aspect. It explains why two people born on the same day, even in the same year, can be completely different from each other.


16-    I have an incessant fear of tucking in my shirt. So I don’t do it. It freaks me out. I’m a free-spirited person, or so I’d like to think, and it just feels so confined and fussy.

17-    I relish foreign languages. Again with the foreign family: Hungarian and Arabic phrases thrown here and there…Spanish- and French-speaking relatives…not to mention school foreign language requirements…I digress. People who can speak more than one language always fascinate me. If it were that simple, I’d learn every language there ever was. Anything to broaden the horizon of sharing and communicating with others.


18-    Going off of that, I believe communication is a beautiful thing. Even though I’m a relentless chatterbox who would talk to a brick wall if it spoke back to me, I’ve learned that it comes in many different forms. After spending two weeks in India, one of the many things I learned is that while I can’t speak Bengali worth a damn, I can communicate through my actions, particularly in showing compassion and care. One of my most defining moments was, after two weeks of trying to connect with this young girl suffering from severe ADHD and epilepsy who would hit and through temper tantrums left, right, and center, I finally made her laugh and had her piggy-back riding on me as I pranced around like a horse–She wouldn’t let go of me. I guess that’s why the saying goes, Actions speak louder than words.

19-    I enjoy sports…to an extent. Don’t get me wrong, I was a varsity athlete for four years in high school and have earned the nicknames “Bionic Woman” (and…sigh… “Hottie Hamati with a Body”, which secretly makes me cringe from objectification). I’ve been to a Braves game, where my boys were relentlessly crushed by the Phillies in sweltering 90 degree weather. I watch the SuperBowl and even did a Skype interview for one university with New York Giants war paint on my face (Side note—Dude. Seriously? I cannot get over the fact that you scheduled a college interview during the SuperBowl. Hence why I am not at your institution.) But sometimes the very last thing I want to do is watch a sports game on TV—I’d rather go out, explore, and do something that, to me, is a little more productive and fulfilling.


20-    In another life, I’d be a truck driver. There is just something about a long drive that is so peaceful and fulfilling. This is also why I always volunteer to drive my friends and I to any destination du jour.

I’m twenty years old. It’s a kooky age because you’re not a teenager but you’re not a full-fledged adult yet either. It ignites change and opportunity. Dreamers have to put their brilliant ideas into action. People rat on the year “20” all the time, but people rat on any year. Every year is worth celebrating, and because twenty is an odd year, I chose to celebrate and share with you my oddities and quirks. Keep twenty weird and fabulous? Challenge accepted.

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