hung to dry


the type of service we did throughout our two weeks is tough to put a single finger around. this is because it was hands down the most fulfilling, challenging, and rewarding service i personally have ever participated in. working with mother theresa’s missions of charity, each of the twelve of us were given two service placements: one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

this photo is one i took from my morning at one of the homes that describes the ambience of what a typical day of service was like for me during the trip. on mornings like these, we would commence with the laundry on the rooftop, wringing the clothes out and hanging them to dry upon suspended wires.

after the laundry was complete, we would attend to the girls: it was a home for girls and women who were mildly to severely mentally and/or physically disabled. some of the tasks at hand included feeding, physical therapy, social interaction, and commute: taking some of them to the bathroom or putting them to bed for a midmorning nap.

this image reminds me of this experience and how it would set the intent to serve each and every day. though there was, additionally, a language barrier, there is infinite connections two people can make based just by showing selflessness, love, and care.


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